Embracing the Art of Slow Living

August 30, 2021
Let’s explore the art of slow living and how we can learn to enjoy the present through designing with plants.

Green Up Your WFH Space, with Marcy Blum

August 18, 2021
Top event planner, Marcy Blum, shares how to make working from home more pleasant for you (and those on the other side of your camera).

Marcy Blum's Elevated, Plant-Filled Buffet

August 17, 2021
Marcy Blum walks through how she effortlessly transformed a breakfast buffet into a unique way to display plants.

What Are the Benefits of House Plants?

July 29, 2021
We prune, dust, water, and feed our plants—we even make sure they have the most stylish pots—but what do our plants do for us? As much as we may pamper our plants, it’s clear we get as much out of the equation as they do. Everyday, houseplants are hard at work improving our home environment.

Sustee Sticks

July 29, 2021

How to Gift Herbs

July 29, 2021

Living Things All Outdoor Rooms Should Have

July 15, 2021
Think outside your four walls by transforming your outdoor space into a cozy living area. Explore the simple, and surprising, items you can use to create an amazing al-fresco experience.

Growing Up, Down, and All Around: How to Display Trailing Plants

July 15, 2021
We’ll cover how you can style these plants to transform your space, and provide a quick guide for installing hanging baskets that highlight their vines.

Understanding Lighting

July 14, 2021
The right lighting can turn your interior design from drab to cheery. It can even change the way you feel within a certain space (mood lighting, anyone?). But how do indoor plants respond to your home’s lighting? Well, just as the right lighting can leave you feeling cool, yet radiant, your indoor plants will thrive when lit under the best conditions.

Meet Burley Clay, Our Partner in Pottery Design

July 14, 2021
We’re all about using nature to enhance your home design. That’s why we’ve partnered with Burley Clay to create pots that complement the simple, sculptural beauty of houseplants. With nearly 100 years of experience crafting high-quality, handmade pottery, Burley Clay’s expert artisans were able to mold our vision into something even more stunning than we had imagined. The result is a line of pots as aesthetically pleasing as they are functionally fit for healthy plant growth.