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50 Shades of Pink, A Plant Filled Boudoir for Valentine’s Day

Set the stage for a special night
Marcy on a white couch.

So, here we all are, still pretty much sequestered as Valentine’s Day nears. I’m sure you have had many quiet dinners at home together with your partner or spouse or roommate and at this point in this year, it just doesn’t feel very special to have yet another.

When I was running restaurants for many years, those of us working on Valentine’s evening would marvel at the crowded dining room filled with tables of two all ordering from a prix fixe menu of crowd pleasers. It was a good day for business, but it certainly never seemed to be a very romantic or special occasion for the couples. Of course now just going to a restaurant for dinner would be a celebration in itself. So, I’ve been thinking, how do we create a special evening at home in the midst of this?

Houseplants on shelves.

Those of us who plan parties for a living, often design “vignettes” to include as part of the décor. A vignette might be a small lounge set up outside a wedding on a terrace, it could have a couch and a bar cart for those wanting a break from dancing, or it could be a faux ski chalet living room with a fireplace and afghan throws at a winter wonderland birthday. These small theatrical sets add another dimension to an event and consistently charm the guests.

Marcy on a red couch.

For Valentine’s Day, I’ve taken the vignette concept and designed a mini boudoir. This sexy space filled with plants, velvet furniture and set against a pink wall, is a fantasy boudoir of course , but you can create something similar. Here I’ve filled the shelves of a gold etagere with lots of plants, all in the greendigs white containers.

Propagation vase next to a houseplant.

The shelves hold some of the pretty plant misters and propagating glass pieces as well. The idea is that after dinner you would retire to this lush stage set for bourbon or scotch, chocolates and cookies. Find a small space in your home that isn’t currently taken and style it to the hilt. Open your closets and find any pink or red pieces that you can use as props, use your imagination!

It’s a fun creative exercise and who knows? You may find this to be a new Valentine’s tradition.

Candles next to houseplants.


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