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Best Plants for the Bathroom & Tips for Styling Them

Discover which plants will thrive in your peaceful bathroom paradise.
Best Plants for the Bathroom & Tips for Styling Them

The bathroom is a personal space. It’s the first room we visit when starting our morning, and our last stop at the end of the night. That means it needs to inspire both vibrant beginnings and peaceful solitude. The best way to do that? Add plants! Only plants can capture all the ways a bathroom should feel. Let’s stop limiting our decor to shower curtains and rugs, and instead give this small sanctuary the attention it deserves by adding all the best plants for the bathroom.

Beyond enhancing a room’s design, houseplants produce all kinds of benefits, from better air quality to improved health and well-being. There are hanging plants that can transform a bath into a soothing self-care paradise, and plants for the window sill that provide a colorful pop.

So when it’s time to give the bathroom a refreshing makeover, the question isn’t whether or not to add plants, it’s which plants to add. As a unique space with variables like moisture and fluctuating temperatures to consider, bathrooms call for plants that can withstand the elements. We’ll discuss what key factors to keep in mind while selecting the best plants for the bathroom, and how to style them so they’ll continue to thrive.

Conditions for Bathroom Plants


Bathrooms naturally get a lot of moisture from the mist coming off a shower or bath. That means the best plants for the bathroom are ones that enjoy high-humidity climates. Think, tropical plants.

Low Lighting

We can’t always count on large, west-facing windows in our bathrooms. More likely than not, a bathroom is going to have a small window that’s higher than normal to preserve privacy. If that’s the case, plants in this space will have to cope with low lighting. Again, plants from tropical habitats are perfectly suited to low lit spaces since they have acclimated to growing under the shade of trees.

Range of Temperatures

Often covered in tile, bathrooms take on outside temperatures. When it’s hot out, the bathroom gets hot. When it’s cold, the bathroom gets cold. Plants that reside in this space will have to be hearty survivors and not temperamental about temperature.

Best Plants for the Bathroom

Now that we’ve covered all the ways bathrooms can be tricky for growing plants, let’s discuss all the plants that are up for the challenge. Plants that do well in the bathroom include:

Ways to Style Plants for the Bathroom

Ideally, our bathroom would have enough space for a chair, a vanity, a steam room, and plenty of shelves. In reality, it’s a struggle to fit our essentials into the cabinets we do have. So how do we fit plants into the equation? Well, we get creative! Here are some fun ways to display plants in the bathroom:

Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are a great way to utilize space in a dynamic fashion. If a ceiling hook isn’t available to drape plants from, consider devoting one towel hook to a hanging plant. There are all kinds of styles for plant hangers, like macrame for a bohemian look, or leather straps to go for a rustic or industrial design.

Spider plant

Our Pick: Spider Plants

Spider Plants work well in bathroom environments because they require little effort to create a bold statement with a sense of movement in every direction.

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Window Sill Propagators

The great thing about propagating plants is that it only requires a small amount of space. This technique allows us to highlight growing vines in small vases. Simply find a vine that is ready for a trim, and snip off a section with a few leaves. Set the vine in a propagation vase filled with water, and it will continue to grow on the window sill. Our Propagation Glasses are made with glass and have beautiful brass necks that add a pop of color. Change out the water every three to five days to keep it fresh.

Marble Queen Pothos

Our Pick: Marble Queen Pothos

We love Pothos Plants because one plant can be transformed into many through easy propagation of their vines. And since it copes well with humidity and low lighting, the pothos is an ideal plant for the bathroom.

Shelf Plants

The bathroom has a surprising amount of spaces that can be dressed up with plants. Consider elevating that unused corner of the tub, sink, or shelf with a plant. Even small plants can make big impressions when implemented in unconventional ways.

Snake Plant

Our Pick: Snake Plants

Snake Plants are great plants for the bathroom because they can sit on the floor or a shelf and make your space feel more alive both in color and with the height of their unique foliage.

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