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Everyday Ways to add Green to Your Life, with Marcy Blum

Marcy Blum; designer and event planner, unapologetic lover of parties and plants!
Marcy Blum; designer and event planner, unapologetic lover of parties and plants

Hi Fellow Greendiggers!

I’m so delighted and excited to be collaborating with Greendigs on easy, simple, and elegant ways to incorporate plants into our lives. Putting together ideas that I hope will resonate with all of you, who, while not botanists or arborists or perhaps not even at-home gardeners, actually want to green up their spaces a bit, with workable and sane ideas. My intention is to give guidance on how to use your own treasures; china and glass and silverware etc. to create tablescapes and environments that work for you and to give you the tools for using plants in lieu of cut flowers in all of these looks. Less obvious, more fun, and they last!

Herbs and houseplants warm up (and spice up) your environment

My space here is not for people who like to decorate by numbers, or want a template on designing a table. It’s to encourage you to open up your cabinets and take a new look at what you own, what’s in storage, what might play well with other pieces AND of course how it all comes together with the vibrant, colorful and enriching presence of plants. I am not advising on plant expertise either, there are others who are far more qualified at that, (although I am learning). Look at my friend’s Instagram @thejungleupstairs or @urbanjungleblog, for inspiration and for some specific specific plant advice, Greendigs has what you need.

This year as we’ve all been relegated to our homes for the holidays (and everydays), I’m sure many of you feel like I do. If we haven’t renovated our kitchens, diy’d new bathrooms and knit afghans for every relative-well we have failed at pandemic life. We can take it a little easier on ourselves and still make a difference in our home and entertaining style. Tips and tricks on how I design big parties are at the basis of all the concepts. It’s all about the guest experience and what works on the grand scale, works for an intimate dinner party as well. I’m here to share what I know works and what makes guests feel special. I hope you’ll return often for new products, ideas and to ask questions, here’s to greening your own personal world!

An intimate dinner can be as special as a large event.

My first post here is of two festive tables I designed for winter or the holidays. Intimate settings for 4 or 6 is what we are looking at in the near future, but that certainly doesn’t mean we just give up on making things celebratory. Here are some ideas that I used to take these parties to another level.

  • Designing with plants rather than cut flowers gives you a lot of freedom to create a tablescape rather than one big piece.
  • Monochromatic color schemes, with a smidge of an accent color, give you the most drama for your money. Here I used a dark table with a light green runner, lots of beautiful plants, green votives and silver touches.
  • Napkin rings always elevate a tablescape, as do a stack of at least two dishes at each place setting. I used my very big chargers which have a nice lavender tint and appetizer plates on top, which are pink and in glowed a bit in the candlelight.
  • I added the bottle brush trees in green for a pop of deeper color, chunky candles on glass holders (a bit less formal then tapers).
  • Took a chance on repotting for one day some of our plants into mercury glass containers to bling it up a bit (they survived beautifully by the way).

Interesting and unexpected accents throughout your space.

It’s important to have some interesting things to look at rather than just what is on the table. Here I hung a whimsical all green bulb wreath and we styled the armoire next to the table with additional plants, all nestled in the clean and sharp white pots they arrived in, a contrast to the fussy-ish table.

House plants on the table and throughout the room.

For the second table set up we used some of the same pieces, but transitioned to golds and greens and whites i’s similar, but has lots of different details, and it changes the whole feeling in my opinion.I kept the green runner and added my favorite jeweled dragonfly napkin rings from They offset the green in our plants fabulously, are very fancy and, along with the gorge mosaic green place mats, pack a big punch

I switched out the chunky candle to high tapers in gold tone candlesticks, too add more drama and had placecards for each guest using small round frames, which also serve as a party favor- EVERYONE loves something to take home, and everyone loves being seated with care even for a small dinner, I’m a place card freak! I chose to tuck a sprig of oregano (you could use any herb) in each napkin for aroma and a sweet detail. I recommend that you look at setting your table the same way you look at your wardrobe, a mix of more expensive pieces with everyday standards-high/low is the way to go for entertaining.

    Plants Used in this Tablescape:


    Photos: Luis Zepeda Photography

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