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7 Ways To Create a Japandi Style In Your Home

Discover Japandi and how you can utilize this style to enhance your space!
A Japandi styled room.

I fell into the Pinterest maze one day and I came upon a concept that was new to me; Japandi. Apparently it wasn’t new to everyone because it’s been named as one of the design trends of the year by several publications and it’s a top-searched term on Pinterest!  

But what is Japandi? It’s hybrid design blending the cultures and design aesthetics of Japan and Scandinavia. Think the combination of the traditional, simple elegance of Japanese style and the comfort and the modern, contemporary style of Scandinavia. If you’re looking for a minimalist room, but one with warmth and Zen -- Japandi is what you’ve been looking for! Read below to learn 7 ways to use Japandi to create the best of both worlds in your home. 

1. Think Natural and Sustainable Materials & Neutral Colored Fabrics

This room uses different types of sustainable materials like wicker and bamboo and has a central coffee table that is hand hewn out of maple. Notice the side table? It’s created out of concrete! 

Houseplants on coffee table

2. Use One Statement Piece 

Keep your space fairly minimalist, but utilize one statement piece. The statement in this room? An exquisitely detailed antique teapot I brought home from Japan. The rest of the décor consists solely of gorgeous plants displayed on shelves, grouped in a basket or even on the floor.

Japandi style couch with a table of plants behind.

3. Get Low

In Japan, many of the furnishings are low to the floor. In keeping true to Japanese style, buy a low sofa and place cushions on the floor! 

Large potted plants on ground next to end table with plants atop.

4. Bring the Outside in 

Scandinavian design is known for bringing the outside in and not obscuring windows; no heavy drapery or thick blinds. This room is placed against a glass paned wall that lets in fabulous light, and the plants of course underscore the feeling of being one with nature.

5. Think With Purpose

In keeping true to a minimalist design, every piece in this room has a purpose. You will not find knick knacks or even candles lying around. 

Japandi style living room featuring a large statement lamp.

6. Focus on the Lighting

The lighting is one of the most important elements of a Japandi style. The lighting should bring in a warm light that is not too harsh, or too moody. The giant overhanging lamp in this room provides the perfect amount of tranquility and Zen. 

7. Infuse Color

Japandi style utilizes natural colors and luckily Greendigs has planters in various neutral colors that not only compliment the plants, but keep the room from feeling too stark. Bringing the outdoors inside in style, the different types of indoor plants look fabulous against the dark wood of the coffee table and the brick wall. 

The Japandi style in this room created an incredibly inviting space. This is a place to rest, dream and escape from the chaos surrounding us. I’m ready to move in and so is my puppy!

Marcy Blum sharing a kiss with her dog.

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Photos: Luis Zepeda Photography

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