Your Guide To: Rosemary

July 23, 2020
This hearty, fragrant herb grows well indoors as well as out, as long as it gets plenty of light. So it’ll live happily near your kitchen window, in handy grabbing-distance of keen cooks.

Your Guide To: Spider Plant

July 23, 2020
One spider plant is never enough. So it’s handy that each one produces baby spider plants called “pups” (that look like tiny spiders, hence the name). Use them to grow more plants to add to your collection, or give as gifts.

Your Guide To: Peperomia

July 23, 2020
This lovely little plant brings life to even the smallest nooks and crannies, adding texture, pattern and a spectrum of greens. Small in size, big on style and great for those who are short on time.

Your Guide To: Mint

June 23, 2020
It doesn’t take much to keep this super-speedy grower happy, which makes it particularly beginner-friendly. It’s most at home on a sunny sill where it will bring wonderful color and scent.

Your Guide To: Zebra Plant

May 26, 2020
This playful plant will perk up the plainest of spaces. Hailing from the desert, it brings a tropical vibe to your home and also enjoys a little humidity. Keep it happy by misting from time to time.