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We water, feed, dust, and even house our leafy friends in stylish pots—but what do our plants do for us?

Some plants like their home to feel a little more tropical—and who can blame them?

Satisfy a growing appetite by giving your plants a boost of nourishment.

Try a moisture-measuring Sustee stick, instead!

Let your houseplants teach you how to take life easy.

Designer-turned-plant guru, Katherine Nizzi shares her advice for vertical greenery.

Marcy Blum's top tips for thinking outside four walls.

Give your leafy housemates a cozy new home with our super-easy guide to repotting plants.

Lida from Spirit Plants gives us the scoop on nestling houseplants into cozy new digs.

A bright and earthy combo you can spoon onto all kinds of dishes, from NYC nutritionist Marissa Lippert.

Sage, thyme, and yogurt come together with spatchcocked grilled chicken and lemon to create an evergreen recipe.