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Color your
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At Greendigs, we’re convinced there’s no replacement for the way flourishing greenery can brighten up a whole room. Plants aren’t just nice -- they’re necessary, refreshing our air and breathing right beside us.

But not everyone has the time and resources to devote to starting their home nursery from scratch. That’s why we’re on a mission to make beautiful, thriving plants accessible to growers of all experience levels, in whatever space they call their own.

We’re devoted to selling plant products that balance your home decorating style with a little hint of what grows wild. By partnering with hand-picked industry partners, artisans, and innovators, we strive to create a growing experience that’s specifically tailored to you.

Whenever we look over at the long, leafy structure of our snake plants or the wild array of tones on a single Red Chinese evergreen leaf, we feel genuine inspiration. That inspiration is what motivates us to make it easier than ever for you to nurture and cultivate plant life in all of your living areas. We believe that together, we can grow something beautiful.


Who We Are

The Greendigs family are people delighted by modern, breathable home design. We believe that green and growing is more than a hobby. It’s a lifestyle, and it’s one we want to share.

We’ve created partnerships with some of our favorite people in the botanical industry to put together a product that’s distinctive and curated for you. Each of our partners brings something special to the table -- whether its game-changing innovations for growing at home, an unmatched devotion to craftsmanship, or commitment to a local community. When it comes to green, this is the dream team. 

We keep it real. With Greendigs, everyone’s invited to bring nature home. We promise to bring beauty and serenity to you in a way that’s simple and inclusive. Everything we offer is functional, hand-selected, and most importantly, full of life.

How It Works

Whether you’re a plant enthusiast creating an indoor jungle or a new grower giving an empty corner some TLC, we can help. We’ve taken our cues from nature to make selecting, purchasing, and cultivating plants in your space as simple as it’s ever been. Forget about carting home supplies, stopping at multiple stores, and guessing at which kind of plant would best fit your space. We’ve taken care of all of that for you – and then some.

Step One: Get Growing

Take a good look around your digs. Shop with a specific place in your home in mind, or come to us to get inspired. Once you’ve decided where your green will go, use the preview options on our site to choose a plant collection that’s been curated specifically to fit that space.

Our easy lighting guide will help you identify the plants that will work best with your light setting. The Greendigs home design and plant care experts have figured out all the other little details for you, from watering to everyday care. Each plant is paired with the perfect soil and plant food to keep it thriving.

Step Two: Invite Nature In

Greendigs plants come preloved, grown with care by our greenhouse partners. After you’ve placed your order, your plant will arrive along with the essentials you’ll need to welcome your plant into your home.

Each plant comes pre-potted and ready to grow happily in your space. With simple, easy-to-follow instructions, we will be right next to you in your journey rooting for your success.

Whether you’re a plant enthusiast curating your own urban jungle, a wellness buff taking the next step to harvesting your own herbs, or brand new to the growing lifestyle, we’re committed to helping you bring your space to life.

Our Partners

We collaborate with skilled and seasoned partners in the botanical and design industries to put together Greendigs’ distinctive, high-quality collections and accessories. Each partner adds authority, craftsmanship, innovation, or community investment to our growing Greendigs family.

Modern Sprout

Founded by two “regular-thumbed” people in their Chicago apartment, Modern Sprout is deeply interested in bringing plant care accessories to market that add comfort, beauty, and pleasure to the growing experience.

Bonnie Plants

Bonnie Plants has been working to bring quality botanical products to customers since its humble beginnings in Alabama in 1903. Family owned and operated, Greendigs is proud to partner with Bonnie in sourcing ready-to-harvest herbs for all of our kitchen collections.


Miracle-Gro was founded 69 years ago and has grown to become the industry leader for plant care products, bringing plant food and home gardening accessories to aspiring green thumbs everywhere.


Sustee is committed to product innovations that make growing easier. Their patented, unique plant moisture indicators are simple and effective -- a game-changer in the plant care industry.

Burley Clay

Burley Clay has been manufacturing high-quality, handmade pottery in the United States for nearly one hundred years. Rooted in the community of Roseville, Ohio, where they source their mineral stains and clay from banks of the nearby Ohio River, Burley has a rich history of delivering plant containers that easily complement your personal style.

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