The Magic of Misting

Some plants like their home to feel a little more tropical—and who can blame them?

You like your home to feel cozy—not too warm, not too cold, but just right. Some of your plants, however, enjoy a home that feels like a humid jungle paradise. Is there no pleasing everyone? That's where misting helps to create the perfect compromise for you and your houseplants. Emitting a bit of mist in the air around your plant increases humidity without making your whole space feel dewy.

Discover the benefits of misting houseplants as we cover how you can achieve them with the proper misting technique. If you're looking to expand your plant collection, be sure to check out our selection live indoor plants for sale.

How Often Should You Mist Your Plants?

Let the plants tell you. If your plants have browning tips on their leaves, that could be a sign that they'd prefer a little more moisture in their environment. A great way to know for sure is to use a moisture meter like our Plant Moisture Indicator. It gauges how much moisture is in the soil, and tells you when your plant is due for a watering. If your plant is dehydrated, use the Oasis Watering Can in Gold to water it and the Plant Mister to give the leaves a refreshing boost. Consider misting your plants once or twice a week during the cooler months because the air is dry, and require less frequent misting in warmer months when humidity levels are higher.

When Is the Best Time of Day to Mist Plants?

Nobody likes going to bed with wet hair. Rather than misting your plants at night, a morning mist is the perfect way to start your plant’s day. Misting in the morning allows plants time to dry off throughout the day. This is important to prevent mildew and other diseases.

How Do You Mist Houseplants?

It’s pretty simple. Fill a Plant Mister up with lukewarm, filtered water, and give the leaves of your plant a spritz. Our misters are made with glass and rust-resistant brass for an elegant look that prevents tarnishing and chemical leaching from plastic.

If You Clean Your Plant, Do You Still Need to Mist It?

Yep, there’s a difference between cleaning and misting your plants. When you mist your plant and wipe it clean to remove dust, you’re essentially undoing any hydrating benefits of misting your houseplants. So even when you clean your plants, you’ll still need to mist regularly.

Which Plants Like Mist the Most?

The plants that most prefer misting are usually ones that come from humid tropical habitats, like orchids and zebra plants. Misting will help you mimic their natural environment and keep your plants happy. When you buy plants for delivery from Greendigs, you can find plant care instructions within our Plants A-Z Article Section.

Make Sure to Mist:

Avoid Misting: