Your Guide To: Lemon Cypress

Looking for tips on Lemon Cypress? Learn more about how to take care of this citrus-scented houseplant

With a citrus-y twist on the old evergreen, the lemon cypress tree makes a fresh, festive statement in any home or office. The tree's branches radiate a clean, crisp lemon fragrance, capable of lifting spirits after a stressful day or transporting one back to summer during the cold winter months. This beautifully shaped conical tree with bright-yellow foliage is slow-growing and easy to care for. Not sure where to start? We are here to teach you the basics.

How Do I Keep My Lemon Cypress Tree Happy?

The three keys to keeping lemon cypress happy are light, temperature, and water. Lemon cypresses need a lot of bright, direct sunlight to thrive. It's important to rotate them regularly to ensure each side gets enough light. Planter trivets make rotating both easy and stylish. These dwarf evergreens will not tolerate high temperatures, so make sure they are not too close to a heat vent. They actually prefer cooler temperatures, like the low 60s. Lastly, they need to be watered about once per week.

How Do I Know When to Water My Lemon Cypress Tree?

Plan to water your lemon cypress whenever the top inch of soil is dry to the touch, usually about once per week. Simply water around the base of the plant until water begins to drip out of the drainage hole. Brown needles are a sign that your lemon cypress is not being watered frequently enough. If you're still not sure when to water, check out our plant moisture indicators. They let you know exactly when to give your plant a quick drink.

How Do I Use Plant Food to Feed My Lemon Cypress Tree?

Plant food is an important part of fostering healthy growth as your lemon cypress settles into its new digs. Insert the number of plant food spikes (included with your Greendigs plant purchase) indicated on the package directions into the soil once during spring and summer. You only need to feed it every two months during fall and winter.

How Do I Prune and Maintain My Lemon Cypress Tree?

Pruning isn't necessary; however, if you are particular about keeping your tree in a neat, conical shape, then it is okay to gently shape your lemon cypress in the spring. Be careful and go slowly when pruning so you don't end up with bare spots, especially if you cut into old wood.

How Do I Choose the Right Soil and Pot for My Lemon Cypress Tree?

Luckily, soil and pot type are not deal breakers when it comes to care, as long as they both provide drainage. Check out our wide variety of nutrient-rich soils here.

How Much Light Does My Lemon Cypress Tree Need?

Lemon cypress trees thrive on sunlight and require at least 6 to 8 hours of bright, direct sunlight daily. If you are worried that your space will not get enough sunlight for your lemon cypress, a grow light is a great solution. Grow lights bring the strength of the sun indoors, even in basements or other dark areas of your home.

How To Address Common Lemon Cypress Issues

Even though lemon cypress trees require a thorough watering about every week, be careful not to overwater. Constantly soaked soil can cause root rot.

What Do I Do if I Still Have Questions?

Our plant experts are here if you need advice about your lemon cypress tree or buying plants online. With a vast array of plants for deliver, you’ll be sure to find the right option to elevate your space. Visit our website, email at [email protected], or chat live with a Greendigs team member to get all of your growing questions answered