Your Guide To: Lime Dracaena

Everything you need to know to care for this statement-making houseplant.

Low-maintenance and high style, hearty dracaenas are a must for every indoor plant lover, especially if you're just getting started. They have architectural appeal, with lanky canes topped with arching, tousled leaves (the latter gives dracaena one of its common nicknames, the corn plant).

Because of its angular silhouette and statement-making leaves, dracaena has an effortless ability to vitalize an empty corner or bare stretch of wall—it's like a living sculpture. It also plays nicely with other types of foliage, so consider incorporating dracaena into a bountiful plant collection.

How To Keep A Dracaena Plant Happy

Dracaena originates in Africa, and comes in about 40 varieties, including what's commonly known as "lucky bamboo." Although dracaena is not actually related to bamboo, it does bring something like luck: Clean air. Studies (by NASA, no less!) show that dracaena removes harmful gases from the air. On the flip side, the plant is toxic to pets, so place yours where they can't get to it.

How Much Lighting Does a Dracaena Plant Need?

To keep your dracaena looking its best, position it in bright, indirect light. It won't falter if placed in a low- or medium-light environment, though its color may lose some vibrancy. You can also supplement with fluorescent or grow lights.

How Do I Know When To Water My Dracaena Plant?

Though considered drought-tolerant, dracaena likes a thorough soak when the top two inches of soil become dry—usually about once a week. If you’d rather outsource the “when to water” question, try a plant moisture indicator.

With a watering can or spouted container, pour slowly in a circular pattern over the soil, ensuring you’ve covered the whole surface. Let the water filter down for 10 or 15 minutes, then empty the saucer of any extra water.

Dracaena doesn’t like the fluoride found in common tap water, it can cause leaf tips to brown. For extra credit, use rain or distilled water.

How Do I Use Plant Food for My Dracaena Plant?

To make caring for your dracaena as simple as possible, we include a starter set of plant food spikes with your delivery. In the spring and summer, use the spikes to feed your dracaena once a month, according to the label directions. In fall and winter, you can scale back to feeding it every other month.

What Is a Dracaena Plant's Ideal Environment?

Dracaena will adapt to just about any interior. They do enjoy humidity, which you can take care of with a gentle misting. Another option: Add a small humidifier near your dracaena. The mist will slowly hydrate your plant while its feet stay nice and dry.

How Do I Prune and Maintain My Dracaena Plant?

Snip off any brown or damaged leaves, and that should fulfill your dracaena's maintenance needs. If it does start to look a little leggy, you can prune from the top to encourage side branching.

How to Address Common Dracaena Plant Issues

As we've noted, dracaena is one of the easiest plants to grow—its issues are few and far between.

What to Do If You Still Have Questions

Ask us! We love to talk plants and troubleshoot concerns, so you're always welcome to chat live with a Greendigs representative on our website or send an email to [email protected].