How’s It Hanging?

If you wish you had a plant suspended in that bare corner, this guide's for you.

Plant hangers are made using a range of materials, from macrame to leather, and come in all kinds of designs. That means there are plant hangers that can transform your space into a bohemian paradise and ones that can accentuate an industrial chic aesthetic.

Plant hangers even make hard-to-reach lighting more accessible. They’re perfect for that area of your space with plenty of indirect light, but no ledge or shelf where you can set a plant. So what’s the hang up? Well, installation.

How to Install a Ceiling Hook

If you want to hang your plant hanger from the ceiling, which is often convenient for lighting, it can seem intimidating. But don’t let that fool you. Installing a ceiling hook is simple! Once you know what kind of tools to use and how to apply them, it’s easy to give your plants a lift. Let’s cover the quick steps to installing a ceiling hook for hanging plants.

The Tools To Install

  • Ceiling hook kit
  • Drill
  • Plant hanger
  • Safety glasses

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The Steps to Install

Step 1: Before drilling any holes, check your surroundings. Make sure that you’ve left enough room from any surfaces so that your pot doesn’t hit a wall or shelf once you’ve hung it up.

Step 2: To keep the ceiling hook from ripping out with the weight of the plant, you’ll need to fasten an anchor into your ceiling. Purchase a ceiling hook kit that corresponds to the weight of your potted plant and hanger.

Step 3: Refer to your ceiling hook kit to determine the hole size you’ll need to drill. Then put on your safety glasses and drill a hole into your ceiling where you’d like to hang your plant.

Step 4: Your ceiling hook kit should include a ceiling anchor with a spring loaded toggle. The toggle has wings that pinch flat when going through the ceiling and spring out once on the other side. This is what holds the ceiling hook in place. Put the toggle onto the ceiling hook, pinch the wings together, and feed it through the hole in the ceiling until the wings spring open. Then pull and twist the hook until it’s secure against the ceiling. Voila! Your plant is ready to enjoy it’s new elevated space.

Put It To Use

Now that you're hooked, reel in a gorgeous plant with these pro tips.

Essential Supplies

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The top high-hanging plants and the supplies you'll need to let them shine.

Essential Supplies

(4 Recomended)

The top high-hanging plants and the supplies you'll need to let them shine.