How to Shop for Plants

What to consider when you’re shopping green.

If you're new to buying plants online, the process may sometimes seem overwhelming, as there can be lots to consider. There's the amount of lighting you have available, what kind of temperatures you're working with, how much time you can devote to care, the amount of space you have to house greenery, and more. In order to make plant shopping smooth sailing, we've simplified the selection process for you to ensure any houseplants you bring home are set up for successful growing.

Size-Up Your Space

When you buy a plant from Greendigs, all sizing is based on the diameter of the pot your plant will arrive in: 4’’, 5’’, 7’’, or our large 11’’ pots. Have a look around your space and see what locations are in need of some green. Have some blank space on your bookshelf? Perfect for a smaller, 4’’ potted plant. Big empty area next to your favorite reading chair craving freshness? Brighten it with greenery using large 11’’ indoor floor plants. It’s important to size-up the space you have available before beginning your shopping to help narrow down your potential plant options.

Give Plants the Green Light to Grow

In our online plant store, you can find a variety of plants ideal for an array of light levels. Whether you’re greenify-ing a dark corner or sprucing up a space by your window, Greendigs has a plant to fit perfectly with your area’s light level.

Plants that are lovers of low-light conditions require little to no direct sunlight and can stick it out in the more shaded areas of your home–hallways, stairway landings, and anywhere else that’s a bit further from a window. Other plants prefer bright, indirect light, meaning they should be displayed a bit closer to a window than low-light plants, where they can enjoy regular, bright light. Just keep them in a more shaded spot out of direct sunlight, which can burn the leaves. Lastly, there are plants that crave bright, direct light, working best on windowsills or tables that receive hours of direct sunlight every day.

If you find yourself drawn to plants that require a bit more light than you have available, you can always utilize hanging growlights or growbars to mimic the perfect amount of light for your houseplant.

Find the Right Temperature

As long as your houseplant isn't in an area that is too hot or too cold, it should fare just fine. Keep in mind, this may mean moving plants back from the windows during the colder months, along with trying not to display them near vents that will be consistently blasting them with hot or cool air. It's a good ballpark to display indoor houseplants in areas where temperatures stay somewhere between 60°-75° F to ensure they stay comfortable and grow beautifully. So, when you're looking for places for your new plants to live, take a quick walk around your space and assess how warm or cool you keep it.

Don't fret about your plants shipping during the colder months. To keep plants happy during their shipping journey when temperatures drop, we created tried-and-tested thermal packaging that keeps them safe and snug from our greenhouses to your doorstep. Keep in mind, if temperatures drop too low, Greendigs will hold shipments until shipping conditions improve to ensure you always have a healthy houseplant upon arrival.

Give a Little, or a Lot of Love

Everyone has different schedules they’re working with in life, and these schedules can often affect how much time you have to devote to your new plants. Luckily, owning houseplants can be as high- or low-maintenance of a task as you need it to be. While some plants require a little more TLC with more frequent watering and fertilizing, some only need a drink once a month and have less frequent needs for plant food. Consider your lifestyle, and take note of the amount of care required when selecting a new plant.

If you’re looking for more of a hands-off approach to care, check out Greendigs’ collection of low-maintenance houseplants for sale and our guide on how to care for them.

Final Things to Consider

Now that you know the basics, there's a couple more things to keep in mind while you're shopping plants for delivery. If your family includes younger kids or a furry friend or two, consider browsing our collection of indoor pet-friendly plants to find houseplants that you can trust will be safe to have around your extended family. However, if you find yourself eyeing a plant that would look perfect in your home, but could be potentially toxic for smaller children or four-legged friends, you can always find a good spot out of reach, like on a higher shelf or elevate it using a plant hanger, to keep everyone happy and safe.

Another important factor is starting off with a healthy houseplant from the beginning. Greendigs plants receive the ideal attention and care in our greenhouses that's needed to keep them in great condition as they await their journey to your home. Every plant is packed safely and securely (even in the cold winter months!), and Greendigs sets you up for success by including nutrient-rich plant food, an easy-to-follow care guide, and a stylish pot in a color of your choosing, complete with a drainage hole and saucer tray to keep your plant happy and your surfaces dry.

Purchasing the right plants for your home doesn't need to be overwhelming–it can be exciting! Bringing home fresh greenery is often just what is needed to enhance your space with living, breathing design that helps brighten both your mood and environment. Simply keep these factors in mind when you're shopping, and you're sure to bring home the perfect plant for you and your space.

What to Do If You Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions about selecting the perfect plants for your home, we're here to help. Chat live with a Greendigs team member on our website or shoot us an email at [email protected].