Marcy Blum's Elevated, Plant-Filled Buffet

Marcy Blum walks through how she effortlessly transformed a breakfast buffet into a unique way to display plants.

As we continue to explore ways to integrate plants into your home, I wanted to share how I had some fun with Greendigs plants and a breakfast buffet.

"Buffet tables for brunch at home are most fun when they are eclectic and cheerful!"

I chose to have some fun with the buffet set up for this “Please come have brunch in my winter garden“ theme. The boho vibe of the hanging plants gave the space a wonderful retro feeling and we tucked the beautiful potted plants into every available space and nook and cranny I could find.

Buffet tables for brunch at home are most fun when they are eclectic and cheerful! Here are my recommendations:

  • Use the most colorful bowls and platters you own, mix wood and ceramic and glass
  • Roll the silverware in pretty patterned napkins and place on buffet to add even more color
  • Mix the various planter colors and the plant varieties
  • Professional chefs always lay out the platters and bowls they will be using and label them for each dish they are cooking so there’s no chaos when you want to serve
  • We parked a pretty “serve-yourself” bar cart next to the buffet with a vintage crystal decanter, pots of herbs, and the very graceful Greendigs watering pot as well as showcased some of the pretty GreenDigs Propagating pieces
  • We gifted a few of our favorite small plants to friends as a thank you and used the pretty copper Greendigs markers rather than wrapping or a gift card, they were very much appreciated