9 Gifts That Grow Love

Make them smile this season with the perfect Valentine’s Day plants & accessories.

Whether you’re stumped on gift ideas for Valentine's Day this year or simply sick of getting the same thing, we’re here to help with new ways to show your love this February 14th. Give a gift that grows love for many years to come with plant-themed presents! From new plants that’ll last longer than bouquets to shining tools that glam up their plant care, plant lovers are sure to feel the love with these accessories and plants for Valentine’s Day.

Presents for Any Plant Lover:

Gift #1: Nature’s Necklace

Say hello to a whole new way of giving jewelry. Sure, when you hear “string of pearls” your mind may instantly go to a necklace, but did you know that “string of pearls” is also the name of a plant? Treat your partner to something that will grow more and more beautiful as time ticks by with the String of Surprises houseplant that treats them to exciting varieties like String of Pearls, String of Watermelons, and more.

Gift #2: Wear Your Heart on Your Sill

With its vibrant heart-shaped leaves, the Lemon Lime Philodendron acts as an easy way to show your love. Not only do its leaves remind your love that your heart is theirs, its less fussy nature means it doesn’t put any stress on its recipient in terms of plant care. This plant is even said to offer purifying qualities, helping you further boost the overall good vibes of their space.

Gift #3: A Bouquet That Lasts

It’s time for ordinary Valentine's Day flowers to get an upgrade. Treat your sweetie to a bouquet that keeps on giving with beauty that lasts from season to season. From the vibrant flowers on an Anthurium Plant to the romantic blush hues of a Stromanthe Plant or Red Chinese Evergreen, a new houseplant can bring beautiful color into their home for years to come.

Gift #4: A Timeless Fragrance

This year, skip the expensive perfume and go for a cost-efficient fragrance that sweetens the whole room. Known for its calming properties, a lavender plant offers a number of new possibilities to the lifestyle of any grower. Your valentine can store blooms in satchels to bring soothing scents to dresser drawers, closets, or pillows at bedtime. Or, if they’re cooking inclined, they can use lavender-mint herb mix to enhance mealtime masterpieces, bringing fresh, fragrant flavor to dishes and drinks.

Gift #5: Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Pothos

An interior space that feels as enchanted as living in a fairytale scene? Um–yes, please. Amp up the romantic energy in your partner’s abode by introducing them to the trailing design of a pothos plant. As pothos plants mature, the vines grow longer and longer, energizing rooms with a winding burst of green while creating an overall *dreamy* atmosphere.

Gift #6: Give Them the Sun

Forget the moon–this year, give your love the power of the sun. Not only do some of these grow lights add a hint of glam with light-catching gold detailing, they have the ability to take your plant lover’s indoor jungle to the next level by noticeably boosting growth. Utilizing grow lights also treats growers to added flexibility in plant placement, so they can finally greenify that darker, windowless room in need of some extra brightening up.

Gift #7: Gifts That Get the Gold Star

Celebrate your honey bee’s heart of gold with accessories high on the shine factor. With lustrous gold finishes worthy of royalty, our Oasis Watering CanPropagation Vase or Grow Light offers instant delight to any lover of a little glammed-up energy in their life.

Gift #8: Best-Sellers in Blush

If you think a new plant would be the perfect present, but can’t decide where to start, you can never go wrong with Greendigs’ top sellers. Browse some of our favorites below that are all available in festive pink pots–perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day! If you find yourself overwhelmed with plant options or have questions, check out our guide to shopping for plants for a full rundown of what to consider when you’re selecting the best plant for you or a loved one.

Gift #9: The Finishing Touch

Give your plant present a light-catching finish by updating it with a quick note declaring your love. Our Plant Markers feature a lustrous copper finish and come with a variety of messages that you can quickly stick into the soil of your boo’s new houseplant, enabling you to proudly state your feelings–using plants, of course.