Father's Day Gift Guide

Find the best gifts for dad this Father's Day.

Let's face it, sometimes dads can be especially hard to shop for. Which can make it easy to go for a classic gift like a shirt showcasing a cheesy dad joke or a new sleek necktie for his collection. If you feel like you've been sticking with the same dad gifts for Father's Day year after year, it could be time to switch it up a bit. Consider these thoughtful plant-focused ideas for new unique dad gifts ideal for any plant dad, whether he's new to growing or has quite the green thumb already.

Fresh Father's Day Ideas:

Gift #1: Elevated Ingredients

We find that the perfect way to bring meals to the next level is by bringing in the freshest of ingredients. If your dad loves to chef it up in the kitchen, give his dishes an instant boost in fresh flavor with new live herb, fruit, and vegetable plants to utilize in recipes. Whether Dad chooses to plant them in the garden outdoors or potted inside on a windowsill, he'll enjoy being able to quickly snip off a sprig, leaf, or serving of fresh flavor to add to homemade dishes and drinks.

Gift #2: Feed His Plant Babies

Whether he's planning on growing plants outside in a garden plot or potted indoors next to a window, updating plant care with fertilizer can help take Dad's growing endeavors to the next level, giving him growth he can be proud of. Just like we need nutrients to grow big and strong, plants benefit similarly from an extra boost of nourishment, growing fuller and more beautiful with the implementation of plant food.

Gift #3: Best Lawn on the Block

Whether dads like to admit it or not, there’s a certain type of pride they get from having lush, green grass growing in their lawn. And if their grass is the greenest in the neighborhood? Even better. Check off Dad’s to-do list by treating him to natural, nutrient-rich fertilizers, mixes, and more that will make his lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

Gift #4: Out with the Old

If Dad’s garden tools have seen some better days, it might be time to treat him to some fresh gear that’ll get him growing on the right foot. Whether he’s in need of new, sharp secateurs to do his pruning or a durable canvas garden bag to organize and store his gardening gloves, trowel, and more, Greendigs has just the plant care tools to get him excited to head out to the garden and try them out.

Gift #5: Give Dad the Sun

Has your dad ever referred to you as his “sunshine”? You can repay the sweet sentiment with some sunshine of your own by surprising him with sleek grow lights that help accelerate indoor plant growth by providing plants with their ideal level of lighting. Some lights boast not only convenient function but beautiful design, as well, with luxe, goldtone details that bring added sophistication and design to his space.

Gift #6: Only the Best, for the Best

If all other ideas fail you, you can’t go wrong with our best-selling plants. These crowd-pleasers range from low-maintenance beginner plants to unique greenery ideal for the more experienced grower. Pay close attention to plant-care details, and consider Dad’s level of experience and the time he has available to take care of new plants in his at-home jungle.

Gift #7: A Little Extra Love

Give your live plant gift the perfect finish by updating it with a thoughtful message provided by one of our sentimental Copper Plant Markers. You can share your love and appreciation with Dad daily using these tiny signs that feature a variety of messages he can see daily and think of you when he looks upon his new plant.