Mother's Day Gift Guide

Discover the best Mother’s Day gifts for any plant person.

When it seems like there’s no gift quite equivalent to a mother’s love, coming up with great Mother’s Day ideas can sometimes seem like a tough task. Sure, getting flowers, cards, or candy year after year can make Mom feel thought of on Mother’s Day, but a long-lasting gift that your mom can use and see daily is what takes a Mother’s Day gift to new heights. Whether they’re a total plant person or someone who is new to the growing life, this collection of thoughtful Mother’s Day present ideas provide an opportunity to remind Mom of your love for many months to come.

Gifts to Make Mom Smile:

Gift #1: A Boosted Bevvie

After a long day of mom-ing, all mama bears deserve to kick their feet up and enjoy a refreshing drink. Whether they choose to keep it alcohol-free or go for something with more of a kick, utilizing fresh homegrown herbs in their concoctions can make all the difference in flavor. Give Mom’s beverages an added boost with a cocktail herb mixer duo featuring classic flavors, mint and lavender, that help to instantly level-up drinks with fresh, next-level flavor.

Gift #2: Give Gold Accessories

Light-catching jewelry isn’t the only way to add shine to Mom’s days. Give her ordinary plant-care accessories an extraordinary upgrade with plant supplies leveled up with lustrous gold detailing. From watering and misting needs to vases for propagating their favorite plants, our gold-accented tools and accessories make everyday chores a more glamorous experience for every plant mama.

Gift #3: A Houseplant Worthy of a *Queen*

There’s no better way to celebrate a queen than surprising them with a plant sharing that very same name–Miss Marble Queen Pothos. Not only is this houseplant a stunning choice with eye-catching variegated patterns and bright, green hues, it doesn’t add much to Mom’s to-do list. At the top of our low-maintenance plant list, Marble Queen Pothos brings beauty to Mom’s space without taking up much of their time with plant care.

Gift #4: Check Off Their To-Do List

With moms already having so much on their plates, wouldn’t it be nice to take care of a chore or two? Not only does the MoMA pot look the part with its modern style, it gives Mom time back with a convenient self-watering design that cuts down on her daily plant-care routine. Take the watering help even further with a Plant Moisture Indicator that Mom can quickly stick into their plant’s soil, then be alerted to when that plant needs watering as the indicator’s blue hue fades.

Gift #5: Shield Mama’s Hands From Harm

Gone are the days of Mom’s bare hands getting accidentally nicked and scratched while gardening. Whether you go for long-lasting, durable leather construction or a water-resistant finish that keeps pruney fingers at bay, the right pair of gloves can make gardening an even more enjoyable experience. Not to mention, the lack of dirt under Mom’s fingernails is sure to have them even happier once they’re done having their hands in the dirt.

Gift #6: A Bouquet They Don’t Throw Away

Take your ordinary flowers for Mother’s Day to the next level by treating Mom to beautiful plants that will provide added beauty to their days month after month. Whether you go for a flowering plants to be planted in Mom's outdoor garden like an Anthurium or lavender plant, or a blush-tinted plant like a Stromanthe or Red Chinese Evergreen, a colorful plant can help to instantly brighten their day.

Gift #7: Do Mom’s Grocery Shopping

Let Mom know that for the next several months, groceries are on you by surprising them with live herb plants that stock their pantry with a constant supply of delicious ingredients. Mama bears will make their meals with you in mind as they quickly head out to the backyard to grab the freshest of ingredients from their garden.

If this is your mom’s first garden or you’re just having trouble deciding on plants, learn how to get started with Greendigs' guide to planning the perfect fruit, herb, or vegetable garden.

Gift #8: Show Your Love

Give your plant gift the perfect finish by bringing in a constant reminder of your love. By updating Mom’s newest houseplant with a hand-stamped copper plant marker, you make it so they can see a constant message of “love you” coming from you daily. But just because this gift always lets Mom know you love her doesn’t mean you can forget to call!