Perfect Plant Gifts for Teachers

Show your appreciation with these unique teacher gift ideas.

When you're on the hunt for good teacher gifts, it can be easy to go for the obvious choice like a gift card or coffee mug. However, if you're in search of fresh ideas for unique teacher appreciation gifts this year, plant gifts are a great option, whether your favorite teacher already has a plant or 2 in their classroom or if their room could use a little extra greenifying.

Teacher Gifts That Get the Gold Star:

Gift #1: More Green, Less Stress

While you may want to bring some serene green to their classroom, you don't want to add too much to a teacher's plate by surprising them with a plant that requires frequent care. Instead, go for a low-maintenance option that brings beauty and calmness to their room, without bringing any extra stress along with it, whether being cared for by the teacher or delegated off as a task for their plant-curious students of any age.

Gift #2: Hello, Convenient Plant Care

While we’re cutting down on a teacher’s tasks, you could also surprise your favorite teacher with convenient plant care tools that make caring for their indoor plants even easier. Whether these tools are given alongside a new houseplant or are to be used for a plant already in their classroom, they act as a great way to bring the thoughtfulness of your gift up a notch.

Simplify their watering schedule with a Self-Watering Pot or by including a Plant Moisture Indicator that takes the guesswork out of watering (throw in some refills, as well!). You can also make rotating plants a quick, easy task (while keeping floors dry) with our versatile Planter Trivets designed with a wool-blend felt underside that prevents damage to floors.

Gift #3: Lessons on Plant Growth

Teachers can bring the green to their classroom while simultaneously offering their students a lesson on plant growth when you give them tools for propagating plant trimmings. Accented with lustrous detailing, the glamorous gold-accented propagation vase not only brings added design to their classroom, but their students should get a kick out of it, too, as they excitedly watch a plant’s roots grow longer until it’s ready for potting. Bonus point if you include starter plants!

To bring even more thoughtfulness to the gift, include a quick handwritten guide on how to care for their growing plant babies. For more information on all things propagating, check out our full rundown of the process.

Gift #4: A New Pet for the Classroom

Surprise your favorite teacher with a whole new type of reptile for their classroom–the snake plant! Whether you choose to go for a classic snake plant or the round-tail variety, these can’t-go-wrong houseplants bring the perfect dose of green with their tall verdant leaves, while staying low on care with their less fussy needs in regards to watering and lighting preferences.

Gift #5: Fresh Flavor for Lunch

Jazz up their packed lunches with fresh flavor by treating them to a plant gift of the herb-a-licious variety. Not only will potted herb plants potentially give off a pleasant aroma in their classroom while they work, they give teacher’s the opportunity to elevate daily lunches with fresh-cut flavor. Finish off their herb plant present with a pair of artisan trimming shears so they can quickly snip sprigs of herby goodness in style before they head off to lunch.

Gift #6: Fresh Flavor for Cocktail Hour

After a long day of teaching, all teachers deserve to kick up their feet and relax a little. What better way to treat them to a little TLC when they get off work than with a Cocktail Herb Duo Plant that features a mint and lavender mix that’s great for adding fresh flavor to a variety of cocktails (or mocktails!). Finish off the gift with a handwritten recipe for Mint Honey Simple Syrup or a refreshing Mint-Accented Mixed Drink.

Gift #7: Better Than a Bouquet

While a bouquet of flowers can certainly make someone smile, you can go the extra mile by giving flowers that will last much longer than a week or 2. Bring beautiful hues to your favorite teacher’s days by treating them to a new plant like an Anthurium Plant or Lavender Plant accented with blossoms, or beauties with blush-tinted leaves such as a Stromanthe Plant or Red Chinese Evergreen.

Gift #8: Share a Sentiment

Finish off your favorite teacher’s new plant with a sweet sentiment thanking them for all that they do. Our Copper Plant Markers can be quickly stuck into the soil of a potted plant, and act as a perfect way to give your favorite teacher that extra bit of love. They’ll see the message daily and smile, knowing how much you appreciate their hard work and care.