Tips for Decorating with Hanging Plants

Designer-turned-plant guru, Katherine Nizzi shares her advice for vertical greenery.

Katherine Nizzi is the plant person behind TerracottaKat, a range of hand-thrown pottery she designs and makes. When she's not working with clay, one of her favorite things to do is decorate with plants—specifically hanging plants.

Here are her tips for using plants to space a space of your own.

All About That Space

Hanging plants is a great way to save space in a small home. Have a difficult corner you’re not sure how to fill? Adding a plant might just be the answer. And if you’re also a pet lover, keeping your plants up high is the safest option.

Pretty Planters

There are endless styles of plant hangers. The only requirement is that they can hold the plant’s weight. Some of my favorites include macrame and leather hangers from Greendigs. For hardware, you need to use durable hooks that screw into the studs in your ceiling. Or make sure to use anchors specifically designed for ceilings. This ensures that your planter and plant are hanging safely.

Water, Water, Water

Most houseplants are easy to care for. They require just two things: water and light. When it comes to watering, I recommend checking the soil often. If the top 2 inches are dry, it’s probably time to water. Pro Tip: Watering a plant up high can be a challenge. I use a garment hanger to safely get the plant down, water it, then rehang it.

Light is Life

Natural light is always ideal. Placing your plant close to a window is going to help it thrive. However, too much direct sunlight can harm the plant and burn the foliage. So keep an eye out. If you filled that dark corner with a plant, or if you’ve hung it in a place that doesn’t get much sun, it’s a good idea to install a grow light. They come in a big variety of styles that hang from the ceiling or on the wall. I hope you find these tips on hanging plants helpful as you bring your space to life with plants. If you are looking for hanging plants to add to your living space, be sure to shop our online plant store.