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Miracle-Gro® Blooming Houseplant Food



Bring more color into your home without a trip to the paint store. Instead, brighten it up with more flowers on your favorite plants—including African violets—as Miracle-Gro® Blooming Houseplant Food promotes more blooms (versus unfed plants).

Why We Love Them

It's hard to pass up the chance to enjoy more blooms without creating more work for yourself. Add this directly to the soil or your watering can to feed instantly and help your plant grow bigger flowers (versus unfed plants).


  • NPK (0.5-1-.05)
  • Use on all varieties of African violets and blooming houseplants.

How to Use


  • Apply weekly, directly to the soil or the saucer under the plant you want to feed, and water as normal. Use 2 pumps for small pots, 5 pumps for pots over 6 inches in diameter. Rinse any foam from foliage, but avoid wetting African violet leaves.