Just One Plant: Gin In The Garden

The perfect cocktail to refresh your gatherings.

Prepare your tastebuds for a refreshingly citrus libation: Gin in the Garden. Basil is the heart of this recipe, lengthened by a combination of citrus, spirit, and seltzer. This botanical concoction calls for simple syrup, but try making an oleo saccharum for a full sensorial experience. The first sip radiates peppery flavor, followed by a refreshing stream of citrus gin. Top off your guests’ glasses with this easily scalable recipe, perfect for your next soiree. Once you try it, we promise you’ll be wanting more!

The Ingredients

1.5oz Gin (or Non-Alcoholic Substitute, Tea) .

.25oz Basil Oleo Saccharum

.5oz Lemon Juice

4oz Seltzer

    Jigger or Measuring Device

    Shaker Tins or Mason Jar with Sealable Lids

    Collins Glass

    Paring Knife or Peeler


    The Process

    Add all ingredients other than seltzer to a shaker tin, or jar with a sealable top and shake with ice until well chilled. Strain over new ice in a collins glass and top with seltzer. Garnish with smacked basil and peel of lemon.

    Grab three basil leaves and fan them in your palm. Lightly smack the leaves to express the oils and place between ice and glass. Express lemon peel over basil, and place snugly with the fan of leaves.

    Basil, and More!

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    The tools that make cocktail hour the best time of day.

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    Basil, and More!

    (4 Recomended)

    The tools that make cocktail hour the best time of day.

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