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Give your leafy housemates a cozy new home with our super-easy guide to repotting plants.

Lida from Spirit Plants gives us the scoop on nestling houseplants into cozy new digs.

A bright and earthy combo you can spoon onto all kinds of dishes, from NYC nutritionist Marissa Lippert.

Sage, thyme, and yogurt come together with spatchcocked grilled chicken and lemon to create an evergreen recipe.

This twist on the traditional dish is light, flavor-packed, and aesthetically pleasing—take it to a backyard BBQ or an evening soirée.

Let this daring recipe bring an element of surprise to your table.

This seemingly simple dish is layered with sweet-and-savory notes, gorgeous color, and tons of texture.

A pinch of freshness alongside a little sweetness turns your drinks into an herbal affair.

Harness the power of mint with this refreshing libation.

Add herbal freshness to your coffee—hot or cold!

Citrus peels combined with sugar, create an elegantly sweet addition to your favorite cocktails.