Make an Entrance

Whether city, suburbs, or farm, it's easy to show off your front-door style with these curb-appeal pointers.

First impressions are everything, and your home is no different. Making a statement with the entrance to your house is a great way to show off your style, creativity, and taste—all while maximizing curb appeal. Whether you have a lot of space or barely any at all, there are myriad ways to flex your personality right at your own front door. Here, we cover some ways to do just that.

Before you dive in, remember: If you rent your home or live in a community with an HOA, you'll need to check the rules before making any semi- or permanent changes.

Style an Urban Entrance

City living means curation is key—you only have a small space to work with so highlight pieces and styles that are best suited to you. The silver lining? You’ll have less to do when it comes to maintaining your entrance, and still plenty of room to be creative. Or, in other words, the best of both worlds.

Don a Wreath

Everyone loves a wreath, but they're especially ideal for a smaller outdoor space, since you really only need a door to display them. If you live in an apartment, take advantage of an interior entrance by making a statement with an artsy, sculptural wreath that probably wouldn't hold up outdoors. Once you think past the classic grapevine variety, you can open yourself up to a whole world of possibilities—both for DIY-ing and supporting local artists.

Step It Up

Nothing is more quintessential in a city setting than a set of gorgeously styled steps. There are challenges and rewards to this one: This look calls for an abundance of decor, but when done right, it can really transform an entrance. You can go matchy-matchy, with pots all of the same color or persuasion, or more bohemian, with mismatched patterns and materials. Hot tip? Check your local thrift stores for unique vessels and change it up with the seasons.

Put Down a Doormat

A doormat that speaks to your ethos is a quick way to let visitors know the person behind the entrance. If holidays are your thing, swap out your doormat seasonally. Perhaps you're into design; layer 2 or 3 of various sizes to create texture and pattern at your door. Or, opt for a chunky mat made from coconut coir rope that you can really wipe your feet on after traversing the city all day. It's a jungle out there!

Style a Suburban Entrance

If you have a suburban home, take your front door to the next level with eye-catching but functional design ideas. Make the entrance to your home a place you’ll want to spend time and one your neighbors can admire all the way from the sidewalk.

Take a Seat

If you have the space, make your entryway a quiet oasis with a sitting nook. Not only is it functional, but with a little maneuvering it can become your favorite spot outside. Start with a bench with a comfortable, washable cushion. A more natural look—think wicker or wood with neutral colors—will lend a peaceful tone, perfect for curling up with a cup of coffee and a good book. Polish it off with some outdoor pillows, a small side table, and a citronella candle if you live in a place that gets buggy.

Add Flower Power

Flowering plants make a grand statement and are easily visible from the road or sidewalk. Go for incredibly gorgeous, low-stress arrangements and switch it up seasonally to keep your front door looking fresh any time of year. Alternatively (or in addition to, if maximalism is your thing), you can install a hook and hang a dramatic trailing plant by your door or fill a window box with an array of colorful blooms. (Pro tip: Swap out the flowers for ornamental cabbage come fall.)

Offer a Snack

Mix form, function, and philanthropy with a snack and drink station especially for your postal and delivery workers. If you, like the rest of us, have developed a small (see: large) penchant for online shopping over the last few years, there’s no better way to say thank you than with a small tub of snacks like chips, nuts, candy, and bottled water. Expand the offering with a homemade sign that lets passerby know anyone is welcome to take what they’d need.

Style a Pastoral Entrance

For a pastoral, or rural, home, we say: Go big. Use bright colors, big flowers, and string lights to let your style soar and make your home look grander than ever. Since you’re likely further away from the road, any neighbors, or a sidewalk, you have the opportunity to style your front door however it suits you—and only you.

String It Together

String lights aren't just for the holidays anymore, they're a perennial way to show off your entrance. The bonus is that they're endlessly customizable—switch up the colors, shapes, or even brightness depending on the season and your tastes. Lining the door is always a safe bet here, or suspend them from the ceiling if you have a large porch.

Give It a New Coat

Give your door a fresh coat of paint in a bold color, like red, royal blue, or even fuschia, to completely upgrade the curb appeal in one swift move. Just make sure you consider the colors of your house’s siding before committing. While you may not want to switch this up as often as a doormat or plants, don’t stress too much about the permanence of whatever color you choose—you can always paint over it and start anew.

Grow an Herb Garden

With more space comes more opportunity. An entrance that’s larger in scale is perfect for creating a functional and beautiful herb garden that (hopefully) won’t be eaten by critters. Use a window box or a long rectangular planter and fill it with mint, oregano, lavender, basil, and sage. They're perfect for cocktails, cooking, and baking. Make sure you harvest your herbs and hang them to dry once cooler temps come and you’ll have fresh flavor at the ready no matter the season.