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Hoya Plant

5", White Matte Ceramic, No Hanger

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From its waxy leaves to its trailing stems, hoya delivers on all the intrigue of an exotic plant, without all the fuss. It’s easy to care for, amazingly tolerant, and seems to have perfected the I-just-woke-up-like-this look of effortless beauty.

Due to state restrictions, we are unable to ship plants to ID, HI, or AK.

Why We Love Them

Hoyas have mastered the art of dress-it-up-or-dress-it-down. Whether the room needs some elevated elegance or a table-top attraction, hoyas are up for the job. Plus, these low-maintenance plants can bring a room to life without taking up our free time.


Smooth Ceramic Pot

  • Simple and oh so stylish
  • Material: Traditional ceramic
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 5.75” x 5.25”
  • All of our plant containers come with drainage holes and a saucer tray (to keep your plant happy and your surfaces dry)

Plant Care

  • Easy to care for, with weekly maintenance
  • Water about once a week, when 1-2 inches of soil feel dry
  • Grows best in high humidity and indirect sunlight
  • Miracle-Gro® Indoor Plant Food Spikes included

How to Care For Your Hoya Plant

While a hoya may resemble other succulent plant species with their plump, waxy leaves, they need to be watered more frequently and don't do well in direct sunlight. Provide your wax plant with a bright spot that receives indirect sunlight and water it whenever the top 1-inch of soil is dry to the touch.Getting your hoya to bloom can be challenging; they usually need to be at least 5-7 years old before they will flower. Here are a few tips to help encourage your wax plant to form a flower or two.

  • Light: One of the biggest reasons that a hoya won't bloom is lack of light. Try moving your hoya to a brighter spot, but avoid direct sunlight which can burn its leaves.
  • Soil: Most hoya plants need to be pot-bound before they will flower, which means not repotting your plant even though all the signs are there that it needs a bigger container.
  • Feeding: Try switching to indoor blooming plant food which will help encourage the plant to form flowers instead of more leaves

Ships safe

Our potted plants ship in a secure base surrounded by packing straw so they'll look fabulous when they arrive on your doorstep.

Fabulous plants don’t travel in extreme temperatures, though, so we may hold onto your order until weather conditions improve.

What to expect

Watch the unboxing of our plants, with all the extra little thoughtful details that make our products really unique.


Plant food in every box

Worried about your plant’s well-being from day 1? We got you covered. A starter supply of plant food has been selected with your plant in mind and is sent along with every Greendigs plant collection for a beautiful, healthy plant.

Everything you need to know to care for these perky plants.

A little dusting can go a long way!