There’s Nothing You Can't Grow with Greendigs

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Who we are: 

Our team is made up of industry experts, avid gardeners, and plant enthusiasts. We are growers who want to share our passion for plants and gardens. 

Why we created Greendigs: 

We believe that plants make life better, so we want to make growing plants easier.

What makes us different: 

Our goal is to help you grow what you love. That’s why we have all the necessary resources in one place from inspiration and education to tools, supplies, live goods, and care.

How and why we choose our partners: 

They are the best in the business. From the legendary craftsmanship of Burley Clay, to the trusted innovation of Miracle-Gro, to the iconic education and authority of Martha Stewart, to our own progressive and modern new brands.

Our ethos: 

Growing is a lifestyle that enriches not just the person, but the planet; it allows us to beautify our own spaces while giving something back to nature. While we recognize all the health and wellness benefits of gardening, we also appreciate that it betters our larger ecosystem by cleaning our air and soil, reducing landfill waste, mitigating global warming, and protecting wildlife and pollinators. Growing lets anyone make a positive change on their own little piece of the Earth.

"Plants are like living sculptures. I like to put together different sizes, shapes, textures and group them to create different effects, the way an artist puts together a still life."

— David Stark, Designer, Greendigs Living Design Experience

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Greendigs Design Studio

If you find yourself around Columbus, OH, stop into our real-world location. It’s our “test kitchen” and open for all to shop and explore. You can chat with our knowledgeable plant enthusiasts to get all growing questions answered, discover helpful tips in a variety of workshops, browse beautiful plants and supplies, book the space for showers or game nights, and spark new plant ideas throughout the studio to inspire your growing year-round.

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From taking on a plant-themed puzzle in our indoor jungle to seizing the opportunity for you or little ones to get your hands dirty by potting newly purchased plants, join our growing community by stopping into Greendigs Design Studio for plenty of plant fun.

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We ship across the United States and are having lots of fun on social media. We make it easy for you to buy plants for delivery online!

Our Plant Partners

(6 Recommended)

The products we believe in, by people we trust.

Our Plant Partners

(6 Recomended)

The products we believe in, by people we trust.


Growers In The Know

Indoors, outdoors, and all the green spaces in between—out team is here to help you grow.