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Miracle-Gro® Water Storing Crystals



Like a watering safety net, Miracle-Gro® Water Storing Crystals are the perfect back-up plan, helping make sure you don't under- or over-water your plants. Mixed with soil, these crystals absorb water and release it as needed.

Why We Love Them

Did you know that water stress in plants is a thing? It's when plants get too much or too little moisture. The good news is you can help reduce it and protect your plants in times of hot weather or drought.


Can be used with new or existing container plants and in-ground.

How to Use

Directions when you're repotting a plant:

  • Fill the container with potting soil, 2-3 inches from the top of the container. Mix Miracle-Gro® Water Storing Crystals throroughly into the soil. Place plant on soil and fill with potting soil, leaving 1 inch at the to of the container. Water plants thoroughly.

Directions for use in a potted plant:

  • Use a small stick or pencil to make several holes in the soil, evenly spaced around the plant. Avoid root area. Add the Miracle-Gro® Water Storing Crystals evenly among the holes. Cover the holes with soil and water thoroughly.

Directions for using in-ground:

  • Work Miracle-Gro® Water Storing Crystals thoroughly into the soil throughout the root zone at a rate of 7 TSP. per 6-ft. row.