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We water, feed, dust, and even house our leafy friends in stylish pots—but what do our plants do for us?

Some plants like their home to feel a little more tropical—and who can blame them?

Satisfy a growing appetite by giving your plants a boost of nourishment.

Try a moisture-measuring Sustee stick, instead!

Send your houseplants on a holiday in the sun.

Mood-boosting plants can turn your bathroom into a personal sanctuary.

Let your houseplants teach you how to take life easy.

Designer-turned-plant guru, Katherine Nizzi shares her advice for vertical greenery.

Marcy Blum's top tips for thinking outside four walls.

Marcy Blum walks through the ways to effortlessly transform a breakfast buffet into a unique plant display.

Give your leafy housemates a cozy new home with our super-easy guide to repotting plants.

Lida from Spirit Plants gives us the scoop on nestling houseplants into cozy new digs.