The Benefits of Houseplants

We water, feed, dust, and even house our leafy friends in stylish pots—but what do our plants do for us?

A plant has the power to shift our space and the way we feel inside it. Case in point: Studies show we’re more at ease in a room filled with greenery than one that's lacking plant life. As much as we may pamper our plants, it’s clear we get as much out of the equation as they do. That’s why the way we interact with our plants at home can have such a positive and important impact on our well-being.

It’s easy to get disconnected from the healing aspects of nature when life gets busy. Let’s explore the many ways houseplants create the calming, healthy atmosphere that we enjoy so much. 

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Plants Breathe Life Into a Space

Plants bring a space to life. Just like family photos on the fridge and art on the walls, plants are part of what transforms a house into a home. They add a dynamic element to interior design that’s hard to achieve without them.

By including a variety of plants with different colors, sizes, and shapes, we can instill a sense of movement, contrast, and harmony. That’s why many implement plants as an aspect of their space’s feng shui. Cultivating interesting displays with plants prevents the home from feeling stale. With constant growth, our homes can always appear vibrant to ourselves and our guests.

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Just Add Plants

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Give this greenery a go if you're looking to bring more nature into your space.

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Though many assume that plants are too difficult to grow, or that they don’t have the right lighting, that’s often not true. A space that’s charged with plant life may look impressive, but achieving that look isn’t complicated. Even homes with low light can be spruced up with shade-friendly vegetation, like snake plants. Once we learn which plants are best paired to our space and habits, it’s easy to create a green haven in the home.

Plants Improve the Air Quality

Houseplants help us breathe easy. By taking carbon dioxide out of the air and releasing oxygen, houseplants create an oxygen-rich environment that can have all kinds of powerful effects. The better air quality can enhance mental clarity as well as physical health. Studies have even shown that plants can remove significant amounts of air toxins. When living in dense, urban environments, having plants is one way to lessen the impact of air pollutants in the home. And even though we may be biased, we think they look better than the other air purifiers on the shelves too.

The Best Plants for Boosting Your Environment

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Plants Inspire Self-Care

Plants are a part of the life we nurture for ourselves. When we choose to care for a plant, we take a break from the chaos of the day. Even if we’re simply watering a desk plant, this respite allows us to focus our attention on something restorative. 

We can’t always connect with nature as much as we’d like to, especially when living in dense urban environments. Having plants within our space, whether it’s on our work desk, in our workout area, or in our kitchen, makes the healing essence of nature accessible to us every day.

The more we interact with our plants by pruning them, cleaning them, and just admiring them, the more we begin to embrace the calming vibes they put out. This is what inspires us to carry that peace, patience, and nourishment into how we treat ourselves through our own self-care routines.

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Plants Promote Healthy Eating

Surrounding ourselves with lots of greenery can go beyond tropical houseplants. Try growing herbs in the kitchen—it's a great way to ensure that our diets are full of fresh ingredients. Once you cook dinner with herbs plucked right from your windowsill, you'll never go back to store-bought varieties. All it takes is tasting the difference fresh herbs make to ensure we spend more time cooking with healthy ingredients at home. Plus, you can impress guests by having herbs at the ready: More cilantro for your tacos, anyone?

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