Plants Packed Safe—And Warm!

Greendigs thermal-packaged plants arrive happy and healthy.

Shipping plants during the winter months can sometimes be tricky. Without the proper protection, those cold outside temperatures can penetrate plants, diminishing their overall health and causing structural damage. But we think some extra green is needed especially during those dark, winter months, so we created tried-and-tested thermal packaging that will keep your houseplants happy, from our greenhouses all the way to your doorstep.

The Proof is in the Packaging

During their travels, your plants can often find themselves all boxed up and waiting it out in cold, dark areas. So, it’s important to keep them nice and toasty! When you buy any 5’’ or 7’’ houseplant from Greendigs during the winter months, we surround it in reusable, 1-inch thick insulation, then snuggle it up with a heat pack to create warming housing as they make their journey to you. We also offer express shipping, ensuring that your new plants arrive within 3 days, getting fresh greenery to your doorstep, safely, and even sooner.

Be sure to keep an eye on weather conditions in your area when ordering. If the journey has the potential to be way too cold or if inclement weather is approaching, Greendigs will likely hold shipments, keeping your plants tended to in our greenhouses, while we wait for more ideal shipping conditions to ensure a healthy houseplant upon arrival. Once your plant arrives, try to bring it inside as soon as possible to get it warmed up in its new home.

Brighten Dark Winter Days

Bring more green to dark, winter days by finding fresh plants from the convenience of our online store. Including low-maintenance greenery that's easy to care for, Greendigs' wide selection of plants for delivery provides an opportunity to bring some much-needed summer spirit to your space, or festive greenery for the holiday season. While you snuggle up for the winter, you can rest assured that your new plants are safe and snug as well, wrapped up in their cozy thermal blankets as they make their way to your home.